Monday, October 27, 2008


So, when I started this blog, I had this great idea. My first blog ( I thought) was profound and deep. The next one I thought was equally deep and insightful. But my last one...ha! It was a lame attempts at artfulness and creativity. Where is my inspiration? What happened to my creativity? My deepness and insightful-ness has flown straight out the window. What do I do? How can I be creative again? How do I make a not lame blog that I feel bad about? It seems like all my once creative-ness is just...gone. I'm not sure how to cope with the loss of such a close personal friend. I feel a deep sense of sadness with the dividing of my soul. But how do I deal? What steps are there for losing a piece of yourself? Is it a temporary thing? Like, leaving for a job for six months, and I'll be back? Or is it, I'm gone forever, live your life without me? I guess I'll just have to rely on God to restore my soul and creativity.