Friday, December 19, 2008

When in doubt....start a new chapter?

So, I'm working on this book-thing. It's the farthest that I have ever written a book and I'm pretty jazzed about that. But a week ago I wrote this scene. It was a pretty intense scene and I've been stuck as to how to continue. Like, how do I follow that up? I decided, start a new chapter. It's so much easier that way. Close the door on that section, leave it to ferment and settle, find it's footing and then come back once I've stirred up more drama in the other characters lives. But I feel bad about that. Like I'm abandoning those two characters. They just took a very important step and because I'm afraid of that, I'm leaving them alone with their emotions. Is that right? Is there some kind of ethical ruling that says you have to take care of your characters in every aspect? How do you balance 6 characters? Especially when they are as messed up and emotional basket cases like mine? Where do I draw the line at them crossing over into my reality and keep them in theirs?